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Welcome to the business.academy.donaustadt

We offer economic expertise and great general education -
two elements which build the foundation of a successful future for our students!

Our graduates work in all economic and management branches, study at universities or
colleges and/or finance their studies through an ambitious employment in a company.
Many different options in all classes and grades allow individual development at Vienna´s
most modern location for business education.

School types

Business Academy

  • 5 years
  • Graduating with a school-leaving examination diploma
  • English as first foreign language
  • French / Italian / Spanish as second foreign language
  • Practical apprenticeship in practice companies
  • individual absorption in the focus areas within the first year (with the same curriculum and schedules)
        Management — „Management-class“
        International — „Language-class“
        eCool — „Media-class“

Majors starting from the third grade on

  • Finance and risk management
  • Information and communication technology
  • International economy
  • Communication management and marketing
  • Management, Controlling, Accounting
  • Ecological oriented administration
  • Third foreign language (French., Italian, Spanish, Czech)


Business School

  • 3 years
  • Final exam
  • English as first foreign language
  • Practical apprenticeship in practice companies

Our Business School graduates are employed in all economic branches (Industry, trade, service centre) either dependent (as employee) or independent (as entrepreneur), as well as in all branches of management.
They are trained in accounting, secretary office, purchasing department, sales office or organisation.

The Business School diploma replaced the Entrepreneur´s Skills Certificate (ESC).
After graduating from a Business School students have the same professional qualifications as graduates with a completed apprenticeship. It also counts in industrial law, national insurance law and collective agreements.
Continuing the Business School with our Advanced Training Course is possible.


Advanced Training Course (ATC/AUL)

  • 3 years
  • Continuing Business School to pass the school-leaving examination diploma
  • Language offering: English and a second foreign language (French, Spanish, Italian)
  • Majors:
        International business operation and marketing
        Controlling and annual accounts
        Finance and risk management
        Ecological oriented administration

Graduating with the school-leaving examination diploma will allow you to study at all universities, colleges and academies.


Events and activities

At the business.academy.donaustadt we offer Outdoor days, Summer sports weeks, Language weeks in English, Language weeks in the second foreign language, IWK-Project days, Field trips, Excursions and project days.

Across classes school activities are the Prom, school festivals, Entrepreneurship day, Language day, Education and job information day, Human rights day, Health day, Football tournaments, sports festivals, Theatre and cabaret groups and Events for art, culture and literature.


Latest equipment, modern methods

  • Computers and projectors in all classes, Whiteboards in many
  • Learning islands for breaks
  • MUMELZ - Library
  • English as a working language
  • COOL (cooperative learning) und eCOOL (COOL with supported internet platforms like Moodle)
  • Business-Simulations


Registration and reachability

Starting from the open house on 22nd of November 2013 pre-registrations are available through a legal guardian on our homepage.
Final registration:
    ...for pre-registrations: starting on 31st of January 2014, 2-4pm
    ...for everyone: from10th to 21st of February 2014, 8am to 12 am
Final registration for Advanced Training Course :
After your final exam, final registration is possible. Please bring the following documents until 1st  of July 2014: Original and a copy of your leaving diploma, Original und a copy of your last certificate (3rd BS/HAS class), printed form of your pre-registration, E-Card, certificate of registration and passport.

You can reach us by:
Underground (Metro) U1; U2, Train S80, Ostbahn, Tram 25, Local buses, Buses of the Wiener Linien 26A, 86A, 87A, 94A, 95A, 96A

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