About Us

We offer business knowledge and experience as well as fundamental classical education, thus granting the successful future of our students!

Our graduates work in any field of business, they study at universities, many of them support their studies working part-time gaining valuable work-experience.
Despite the wide range of our federal curriculum we strive to support our students developing their individual talents in what we think is Vienna’s most modern place for business education.

School Types

Business College (HAK)

  • 5 years
  • School-leaving Diploma
  • English as first foreign language
  • French/Italian/Spanish/Czech as second or third foreign languages
  • Work experience in practice companies
  • Four focus areas —  one curriculum —  matching schedules
    • Management — „Management-class“
    • International — „Language-class“
    • eCool — „Media-class“
    • Experience — “Experience-Class“


Business School (HAS)

  • 3 years
  • Final Federal Exam
  • English as first foreign language
  • Extensive work experience in practice companies
  • Our business school graduates are are trained in accounting, office management and office organisation. They find employment in any business field.
  • After business school you may continue your business education at our Advanced Training Course.


Advanced Training Course (ATC/AUL)

  • 3 years
  • Further business training after business school
  • School-leaving Diploma
  • English and a second foreign language (French, Spanish or Italian)

Our school-leaving diploma will allow you to study at any university and advanced business training institution.

Events and activities

At business.academy.donaustadt we offer outdoor days, sports weeks, language weeks in English speaking countries (third year of business college/first year of ATC), language weeks in the France, Italy or Spain (fourth year of business college/second year of ATC), project days, field trips and excursions.

Among our overall school events are the prom, an Entrepreneurship Day, the European Day of Languages, an Education and Job Information Fair, football and basketball tournaments, track racing, performances by our school choir and theatre group, an open air cinema and various exhibitions.

Latest equipment, modern methods

  • Computers and projectors in every classroom
  • Mobile Whiteboards
  • Various Learning islands for breaks
  • Multimedia-based Study Centre and Library
  • CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)
  • COOL (cooperative learning) and eCOOL (COOL with supported internet platforms like Moodle)
  • Business-Simulations